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Put some leaves on your family tree!

Our purpose is to assist genealogical researchers by sharing documentation and sources that we have acquired over many years of research.

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This site is continually being updated and added to, so if you don't find anything of interest this visit, come back in a few days or weeks and check again.

Documents initially included on our site will be related to ancestors who lived in Tennessee, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, the state of Washington, east Central Illinois, our home base, and a few other scattered locations. Gradually, we hope to add many more areas.

If you would like to contribute copies or transcriptions of original records to this project, we welcome your help. Records from any area welcome!

We don't intend to publish lineages, family group sheets or family books. (Please, don't send any of them at this time.) However, we welcome copies of the documents that substantiate the information contained in those group sheets, books, and lineages.

We hope that some of the documents available on this web site may help you to document your own lineage and/or put you in contact with others researching your lines. We will gladly include addresses of submitters who share their information.

We will post documents as quickly as time allows. The records you submit from your own collections will be added as time becomes available.

Copies and transcriptions of birth, death, probate records, wills, and obituaries are some of the items we need.

In the future, we may add new books of transcribed records [such as school records] for references that may give you a direction to go in your research.

Computer generated text files or .jpeg files preferred.
Please e-mail them to:


Your items will be added in the order received.

If making computer generated copies isn't possible,
please mail hard copies to:

Kinfolks Korner
Attn: Ancestor Hunters
P.O. Box 228
Sadorus, IL 61872-0228

Your items will be added in the order received.

Please be sure to note the complete source of the document, including, for example, for an obituary, name, place, date, page and column number on the FRONT of the document. If there is not room on the front, place it on the back. The reason for placing the documentation on the front is that often, researchers pass on copies of the front, but do not always include a copy of the back. If you don't know the source, state "source not known" and give whatever information you do have. Even though the document's source is unknown, it may still prove valuable if one follows up on the names and places it contains.

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